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Who We Are

Welcome to the Australasian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS), a professional society dedicated to the study and application of scientific wildlife management in the Australasian region. With a diverse membership of wildlife research scientists, managers, practitioners, policy developers, educators, and students, AWMS is at the forefront of promoting applied scientific research and providing pragmatic advice on wildlife management and associated risks.

Our History

In May 1988, in response to the growing need for a committed body focused on wildlife management in Australia and New Zealand, AWMS was established. Our inaugural conference was held in Canberra, setting the stage for decades of impactful wildlife management discussions and initiatives. Since then, AWMS has organised conferences annually, alternating between Australia and New Zealand, culminating in the memorable 30th conference in Katoomba in December 2017.

A Society Driven by Science

At AWMS, we actively encourage the development, dissemination, and adoption of applied scientific research in wildlife management. Through various platforms such as conferences, meetings, workshops, symposia, publications, and online communications, we provide a forum for discussions, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.Our aim is to influence policy and management decisions by offering clear, explicit, and practical advice on wildlife management options.

Key Focus Areas

AWMS addresses a range of critical topics in wildlife management, including vertebrate biological control, research and development advancements, scientific engagement, and the contributions of scientists to society. We tackle challenges such as controlling native herbivory, conserving endangered species, managing exotic predators, and mitigating agricultural damage. Additionally, we explore emerging areas like recovery programs, predictive modelling, and the integration of new technologies such as camera trapping.

Our People

At the heart of AWMS are the dedicated individuals who contribute their expertise and passion to advance wildlife management.
Our people include:

Office Bearers

Jordan Hampton


Murdoch university, WA

Stuart Dawson

Vice President


Sebastien Comte


Primary Industries, NSW

Shannon Dundas

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Primary Industries, NSW

Committee Members

Vishnu Ramachandran Menon

Susan Campbell

Peter Adams

Sonja Elwood

Julia Ryeland

Andrea Byrom

Tarnya Cox

Chair of the Public Fund Committee

Non-elected positions

Konnie Gebauer

Conference Liaison Officer

Stacey Dix

Communications Coordinator

Nikki Van de Weyer

Positions Coordinator

Wendy Ruscoe

Public Officer

Niraj Meisuria

Student Representative

Patrick Finnerty

Assistant Treasurer

Mandi D’Ombrain

Student Representative

Ex-Officio Positions

Tom Newsome

Immediate Past-President

University of Sydney, NSW

Terry Korn

Public Officer

Life Members

Mike Braysher

Terry Korn

Doreen Culliver

Jim Hone

Help us learn more about our wildlife

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