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Our society is open to individuals from diverse natural and social science backgrounds, fostering collaboration and innovation across Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific Rim countries.

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As an AWMS member, you gain exclusive access to a multitude of benefits and opportunities to expand your knowledge and network within the wildlife management realm. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a student eager to learn, or an enthusiast deeply interested in conservation, AWMS membership opens doors to a valuable network in the field of wildlife management.

Discounted Conference Registration

Receive substantial discounts on registration fees for our annual AWMS conference, where you can engage with leading experts, present your research, and immerse yourself in the latest wildlife management developments. As an AWMS member, you enjoy the same perks at conferences organised by our affiliated organisation, the South African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA).

Networking Opportunities

Join our thriving community and connect with a diverse group of professionals, researchers, and students in the wildlife management field. Collaborate, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest advancements through our vibrant social media platforms and call-for-content opportunities.

Awards and Scholarships

Gain access to exclusive awards and scholarships, recognising excellence in wildlife management research and contributions. AWMS supports your growth and achievements within the community.

Committee Positions

Explore leadership roles within AWMS by taking up committee positions, contributing to the direction and success of our society. Shape the future of wildlife management through active involvement in decision-making processes.

Free Registration for SAWMA

For paid-up AWMS members eager to attend the South African Wildlife Management Association events, we offer complimentary registration to further enrich your global wildlife management experience.

AWMS is constantly evolving to provide you with even more benefits and resources, so stay tuned for exciting updates coming soon!
JOIN NOW to become a valued member of AWMS and embrace a world of opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and camaraderie. Memberships run yearly from the date of joining, ensuring you enjoy full benefits for a full twelve months.

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