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A picture tells a thousand words: how to prepare an informative graphical abstract

We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop on creating effective graphical abstracts, hosted by Jenna Bytheway from the University of Sydney.

Workshop Details:

Title: A picture tells a thousand words: how to prepare an informative graphical abstract.
Host: Jenna Bytheway, University of Sydney
Date: Friday, 26th of July 2024
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm (AEST)
In-person Location: University of Sydney
Remote Locations:

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Adelaide
  • Australian National University (Canberra)
  • University of Southern Queensland (Toowoomba)
  • Murdoch University (Perth)

Workshop Overview:
Graphical abstracts are increasingly embraced in the scientific community as a powerful tool for communicating research findings quickly and effectively. With the rise of digital publishing and the growing emphasis on visual communication, graphical abstracts offer researchers a way to visually summarise their work in a concise and engaging manner. They provide readers with a snapshot of the key findings and main points of a study, making it easier to grasp the significance of the research at a glance.

In this workshop, we will explore the elements that make a graphical abstract ‘good’, including effective design principles and strategies for conveying complex ideas visually. We will also discuss how to tailor graphical abstracts to different audiences and publication formats, ensuring that your research is communicated clearly and effectively.

Please mark your calendars! Whether you are attending in person at the University of Sydney or remotely from one of the other university locations, this workshop promises to enhance your skills in creating impactful graphical abstracts.


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