Public Enquiries

AWMS is committed to providing it’s members with a range of benefits throughout the year, in addition to the annual conference. 

On this page, we will provide members with a list of the current enquiries that are open for public comment, with the links to the appropriate sites. If you are aware of, or involved in, a public enquiry that is of interest to AWMS members, please let us know!

Parliamentary petition calling on the NSW Parliament to address the risk of entanglement and death on native wildlife.  


Can you spare 30 seconds to help protect native wildlife from the risk of entanglement from ring shaped items? 

We need as many NSW residents as possible to sign the new petition that asks the NSW Legislative Assembly to:

  1. Implement a ban on ring-shaped items to protect native wildlife from the risk of entanglement and death.

  2. Encourage companies to change their products to a more wildlife-friendly option (e.g., from plastic rings to a peel-off seal under the cap).

  3. Encourage the community to snip through ring-shaped items before disposing of them.

Sign the Petition

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