Public Enquiries

AWMS is committed to providing it’s members with a range of benefits throughout the year, in addition to the annual conference. 

On this page, we will provide members with a list of the current enquiries that are open for public comment, with the links to the appropriate sites. If you are aware of, or involved in, a public enquiry that is of interest to AWMS members, please let us know.

A scientist's perspective of research output and quality


Pat Taggart and Anne Harris, from NSW DPI,  are running a review on how scientists within the field of ecology/environment perceive different sectors of their research community (government, academic, industry, non-profit). There are often strong opinions expressed about the quality, relevance and bias of research from specific sectors. The aim is to provide an objective comparison using publication records from Web of Science and a survey of active scientists across the world.

The survey can now be accessed here:

This survey is totally anonymous and has been validated by the Orange Ethics Committee, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (Ethics approval number: HRE-NLR-2022-1).

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