Graeme Caughley

Caughley Travelling Fellowship

In addition to the Graeme Caughley Medal awarded by AWMS, the Australian Academy of Science awards a travelling fellowship to support an ecologist resident in Australia or New Zealand to visit scientific centres and give lectures outside in countries other than New Zealand or Australia.

The Prize

The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable ecologists resident in Australia or New Zealand to share their expertise by visiting scientific centres and giving lectures in countries other than Australia or New Zealand. The Fellowship is offered every two years. The amount offered is A$5,000 (inclusive of GST).

Process for making an award

The Fellow will be an ecologist resident in Australia or New Zealand. Preference will be given to an applicant who indicates an interest in population ecology of wildlife and in scientific management. Applicants must provide a CV, a list of their five most recent publications, a detailed proposal of their visits and lectures and two referee reports. For further details see the Australian Academy of Science

Previous fellows

  • 2018—G. Nugent
  • 2016—M. Letnic
  • 2014—R. van der Ree
  • 2012 – A. Byrom
  • 2010 – D.M.J.S. Bowman
  • 2008 – D.P. Armstrong
  • 2006 – D.M. Forsyth
  • 2004 – R. Shine
  • 2002 – J. Parkes
  • 2000 – P. Rismiller
  • 1998 – J. Hone
  • 1996 – D. Choquenot

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